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Are you gay, female or black?

Are you sick of what it says about you in the Bible?
Then you need New Commandment Candles.

Ten new commandments guide you out of the darkness and into a more inclusive and loving world.

A fold out chart of world history.

The definitive guide to when and where to travel through time to meet the most interesting people and witness the great events of history.

Call yourself a true Geordie?

Then you know every movement and pose of the ancient Newcastle art of Tyne Chi.

This limited edition poster is printed with ink infused with Newcastle Brown Ale on paper colour-matched to part of a Greggs sausage roll. Makes you proud to be a Geordie.

Are you terrible at archery? Not anymore. With Targets for shit archers and its repositionable bullseyes you know that at any time you can appear to be a present-day Robin Hood.

The original bad message fortune cookies. We have halted production as there is enough misfortune in the world at the moment.

Limited Edition
Classic Penguin cover.

A new book featuring a collection of mock book covers that should never be published, has just been published.

Twenty years after we launched Invisible Jim we realised he had a female accomplice standing next to him the whole time – Invisible Jen.

Available on Amazon, ‘Images You Should Not Masturbate To’ is the primary resource for those who need help establishing whether they have an unhealthy preoccupation with the dark arts of self-love.

The original invisible action figure. By way of avoiding the continual decline in the manufacturing quality of figurines across the industry, we didn’t include one.

More original products, prints and humorous collectables from the Elsewhere Trading Company coming soon.

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