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Look around you. Anything interesting happening? Are all the people you talk to really dull? The same old stories over and over: “Yes, the kids are doing well” “What about that football team?” “The news is a bit depressing, isn’t it?” “Have you seen that new TV show, it’s fairly engaging.”
Is this really your life? 

Well why not jump in your Time Machine and get out of there?

Go back in history and chat to Cleopatra just before she is rolled up in a carpet and presented to Caesar. Debate with the exiled Napoleon about what went wrong at Waterloo. Witness the last minutes of the dinosaurs. With the Time Machine Time Table you have all of world’s history at your knob-twiddling fingertips. 

The updated Time Table now includes all the continents, newly curated Time Tours and handy advice for the novice Time Traveller. It is the only Time Table approved and distributed by the Time Travel Ministry. No self-respecting Time Traveller would leave home without it. And you can be back before your partner has chance to say, “Did you see where that phone bill went?”

Time Table 1588 x 720mm -
supplied folded 180 x 360mm

​Cover 378 x 476mm

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