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The Ghost of Peggotty

The Elsewhere Trading Co. is made up of a collection of questionable personalities often found lounging around in the head of Graham Johnson.

Two books; Images You Should Not Masturbate To and Rejected Books have been published by Penguin NY, and created in collaboration with Rob Hibbert.

After being rudely interrupted by a 30-year career in advertising, Graham is now back to creating ideas for books that will intentionally be rejected, as well as producing products that should have been rejected. Like invisible action figures and timetables for time travel machines.

Graham has re-assessed his priorities and has realised that figurines made of air and a timetable for a means of travel that doesn’t exist yet, are a far more useful contribution to society.

Not quite a hermit yet, Graham has spent most of his life wanting to be Elsewhere.


Initially introduced to us by Blindboy Boatrace of the Rubber Bandits fame the Elsewhere Trading Co. has an advisory board of one. 

The Ghost of John Francis Peggotty.

Otherwise known as The Birdman of Coorong, John Peggotty made some interesting decisions in his life.

He chose a life of crime in Ireland which got him shipped to Australia.
He decided bushranging was a good, long term career choice.
He thought riding ostriches bareback was a better way to get around than on horseback.
And under the Australian sun, best do it naked.
And in his last stroke of genius, why not keep a low profile by not taking money from his victims but jewellery instead, which he’d wear all at once.

Elsewhere Trading is proud to announce the appointment of the ghost of the bling wearing naked 5 foot ostrich riding bushranger Irishman as its first business advisor. Together we look forward to making some sound business decisions.

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