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Invisible Jen has the advantage over more well known female superheroes in that she does not have to wear the overtly sexual costumes they are forced to wear.

Invisible Jen can be any race, body shape or size you choose. But as her look is ultimately dictated by your imagination, management reserves the right to not sell Jen to creepy boys.

Invisible Jen, as not seen on TV.

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In this world of over-reliance on digital screens, why not force the kids to use their imagination with an action figure that doesn’t exist – Invisible Jim.

Take him on adventures in the jungle. The desert. Outer space. His adventures are not just limited by your imagination, it is a pre-requisite. He can have three arms with in-built lasers for all we care, it’s up to you. (No extra charge for the third arm.)

Collectors, please note Invisible Jim and Invisible Jen are worth a lot more if kept in their original packaging.

As (not) seen in:

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